COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Blackstone Design Inc. is basically a one-person operation. Hi, I'm Bruce Blackstone and I work almost entirely alone and in this new world of Covid-19 that a good thing. Apparently “social distancing” has been a part of my business model for nearly 3 decades. 

That said, I take every precaution I can to protect myself and you. 

Before I come to your home for an estimate or to work, I will do the following

  • Wear fresh clean clothes
  • Wear an N95 face mask
  • Wear shoe covers 
  • I sanitize my hands after getting out of my vehicle, before entering your home
  • If I use your restroom, I sanitize my hands before and after

After I leave your home

  • I sanitize my hands before getting in my vehicle.
  • I sanitize my face mask with hospital grade disinfectant
  • I take off and wash my clothes as soon as I am at my home.

While installing

  • I follow all of the above protocols
  • I sanitize all supplies prior to install
  • I put protective covers on all surfaces that I will come into contact with and remove them at the end of each work day

What I ask you to do

  • Stay 6 feet apart as much as possible
  • Not be in the area I’m working in while I am there
  • Wear a face mask when and if we are in the same area

I understand that you may not want to be that careful, and I will accept that. I also understand that you may want to be more careful and will accept that as well.

Thank you,
Bruce Blackstone 


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