About Blackstone Design Inc.

Hi, I'm Bruce Blackstone, owner of Blackstone Design.

I specialize in cabinet refacing, cabinet refinishing, cabinet painting and enameling, and one-of-a-kind custom cabinet construction.

I am a seasoned master cabinet maker with nearly 30 years experience. Prior to being a cabinet maker I was a journeyman carpenter. I attended DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois where I majored in English Literature. I am creative by nature and have always had a love of using my brain in conjunction with working with my hands. It’s these experiences and qualities that make me stand out in my chosen profession. I love what I do.

Bruce Blackstone, owner of Blackstone Design

I don't design for you, I design with you.

My cabinet designs evolve out of creative partnerships with my clients, and are informed by how you live, and how you use the the spaces in your home. I listen to you and learn what you like and what you don't like; what you need and what you don't need. I view every project first and foremost with a designer's eye, looking to maximize the visual aesthetic without any loss of functionality, durability and serviceability. It's this very detailed, personalized and interactive process that sets Blackstone Design apart.

The Blackstone Design Story

My love of design and craftsman cabinetry dates back to my days at DePaul University, where I gained an appreciation and understanding of design principles. While in school, I worked as a carpenter renovating landmark homes and businesses in the Chicago area, which fueled my passion for the art of wood-working. I moved to Tucson in the early 1990s and apprenticed at three well known cabinet shops, refining my carpentry, finishing and design skills. In 1994 I started Blackstone Design, and have been in business ever since.

Always an avid reader, researcher and student of design of all kinds, I take exceptional pride in my artistry and craftsmanship, and in building strong, workable, ongoing relationships with discerning clients. Combining a designer's eye with 32 years experience as a journeymen artisan, my approach is, “take care of the relationships, and the business will take care of itself. A passion for people is its own reward.”

Why choose a one man company?

I’m the person who bids your project, measures your project, and oversees the fabrication and finishing of your project, and I’m the guy who installs your job. I do one job at a time, and I am a perfectionist. My contracts are clear and concise and specify such things as start dates and completion dates, materials, finishes, and hardware.

There is no cabinet salesmen who then hands the job off to a shop foreman, who then measures the job and takes care of all the fabricating and finishing, and then hands off the job to the installer. The less people involved the less chance of miscommunication, bad scheduling, wrong colors and other mistakes.

Bruce Blackstone at work

But what if something happens to me and I can’t finish your job? 

I get asked that from time to time. I know several other great, self-employed cabinet makers, one of whom has been a cabinet maker for over 40 years. We all have helped each other out from time to time because we all understand the stress of our client living in a torn apart or otherwise unfinished kitchen or bathroom etc. Once I start installing a job I am there every weekday (and sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday if need be) until the job is properly finished. 

You also have as your protection The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of which I am an accredited member with an A+ rating with zero complaints and great reviews. You can view my BBB profile here. You can also search for me on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC).

How I Work

Protecting Your Home 

First and foremost, I protect you and your home. I do my best to not touch anything in your house not related to the work I’m doing. This means I put down runners on your carpets so as not to tread dirt and dust on them. I also cover your kitchen and/or bathroom floors with a hardboard sheathing, sheath your countertops, and cover all of your appliances. At the end of every day I use my 5- Micron filter vacuum to clean up after myself and I also uncover your appliances and countertops so you can have full use of them.

Creating a Stress-Free Environment 

I don’t play loud music or play music at all if my clients are home while I’m working. If I do want to listen to something while I work, I will check in with the client first. I am well aware of the stress of having someone working in one’s home and am respectful that the client be made to feel as at ease as possible.


Though I cannot assume any liability for pets getting in or out as I transport materials, etc. in and out of your house, or your pets getting under foot, I am as conscious as I possible to the well-being of my clients' pets. My wife and I have two dogs, so I understand how a pet is in actuality a member of the family.

Proposals and Pricing

I love what I do, I take great pride in my work, and I want to help you make the best decision for you. My proposals are at no cost to you, and they are not estimates: they have exact pricing and descriptions of what will and will not be done. There should be little or no mystery as to how much your project will cost in the end. I don’t expect to get every job that I bid. I do, however appreciate every opportunity to bid as many jobs as I can handle. 

Ecological Practices

All woods used by Blackstone Design are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified renewable products. No “old growth” lumbers are used. All finishes (clear polyurethane and lacquers) used by Blackstone Design are low VOC (Volitive Organic Compounds) finishes, which are not only far less toxic to the environment when being applied, but are also incredibly durable.

Tell Me About Your Project

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