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Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is an excellent way to update your home with a beautiful, new look without having to tear out and replace all of your existing cabinetry.

Cabinet refacing involves only replacing the cabinet doors and drawer-fronts (the faces of your cabinets). Your existing cabinet boxes, or carcasses as we like to call them, remain, but are updated to match the replacement doors and drawer-fronts.

How it works

When I reface your cabinets, I will remove the old doors and drawer-fronts from your current cabinets and replace them with new doors and drawer fronts. In some cases the drawer boxes and drawer guides will also be replaced. The cabinet boxes will stay in place, and the fronts of the cabinet boxes, as well as any visible sides, are veneered. The cabinet interiors, as well as the undersides of upper cabinets, are typically left “as-is”.

Is this the right option for me?

Cabinet refacing is ideal when:

  • The existing cabinet layout works well, but the appearance of the exterior of the cabinets is old, worn and dated.
  • The cabinet boxes are basically structurally sound and only require minimum repair.
  • Cost is an important factor
  • The home will be put on the market soon and needs to be updated. Refacing will give you the best return on your investment

You can read more about the cabinet refacing process and when to reface your cabinets in the resources section.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing means restoring the look of the cabinets to very near their original, “new” condition. The refinishing process involves a light sanding of the top coat on the doors and drawer-fronts, as well as on the cabinet carcass face-frames. A new stain that matches the old stain is applied where needed, after any minor repairs are made. Next, everything that was sanded, repaired and touched up gets clear-coated with polyurethane or another finishing product.

Almost all kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be refinished, no matter how bad they look, as long as the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a stained or unstained natural wood that has a clear-coat such as varnish or lacquer.

Is cabinet refinishing right for me?

Cabinet refinishing is a great option when:

  • The general look and feel of your cabinets is appealing and the layout is functional, but the cabinets look slightly worn, dirty or dinghy.
  • You need an interim fix for selling your home or updating a rental.
  • Your cabinets just feel like they need a little help.

Cabinet Painting & Enameling

Cabinet painting or enameling may be a good solution for you if the original finish on your cabinets is merely worn and faded. In this process, a high-end, high quality clear-coat, paint, or high-tech epoxy-like coating is applied to your existing cabinets. This new coating will completely refresh and renew the look of your cabinets and is the least expensive way to make your cabinets appear “new.”

Any type of existing cabinet can be painted or enameled, provided all surfaces are properly prepared and sanded, and the correct primer is used before painting. Best results for cabinet doors and drawer-fronts are achieved by using professional spray equipment in a dust free spray booth.

Custom Cabinet Building

Design, fabricate and install custom cabinetry: In a world of “cookie-cutter” and “one size fits all” big box store modular cabinetry, there exists those few individuals with such specific aesthetic and functional needs that that “modular cabinetry” simply will not do. Blackstone Design can offer custom cabinet cabinet design or work with a designer.

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